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This is a quick sketch of the first scene of the first episode aired, “The Train Job”, rewritten around Zoe Alleyne, captain of the Firefly-class transport ship Serenity.

Concept by crowleyshouseplant (check out the tags on their “firefly” posts for more details about this ‘verse, and also this post on the storytelling given to female characters).

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My next venture in this subversive ‘verse will be the entirety of “Out of Gas”. Stay tuned.

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I've posted various short thoughts on Chinese language (and Asian cultures) in Firefly on my Tumblr blog. Including my latest fan project - writing fic for Firefly in Mandarin.

I'm also posting my translations of various phrases useful for Firefly on the FireflyFans.Net forum.

I feel like on DW I have to put more effort into a post, unfortunately. So unless there's long-form stuff, it probably won't go on here for now.
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Maybe I should just relocate to Tumblr.

Newest fandom obsession: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

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What do I think this will mean for fandom? Not much. New readers will discover Watchmen; I doubt it’ll be overshadowed. I don’t know if any of the Before Watchmen miniseries will be slavishly mimicking the structure of Watchmen, or if there will be a melange of storytelling styles. I’m pretty sure there’ll be in-jokes aplenty. And if any of them turn out to be bitter deconstructions of the Watchmen characters we thought we knew, it’ll 1) channel LoEG's cynical-old-man writer, people, or 2) earn the vitriol of a million fans everywhere.

Watchmen will still exist. The world of Watchmen has been processed through a funhouse mirror in the never-mourned early script and the Saturday morning cartoon and (apocryphally) even through The Family Circus.

As for new fans being “ruined” (or ruining fandom, how dare they) by irrelevant spin-offs: I discovered comics through Death: Through Death's Door, a manga-style retelling of Sandman vol. 4 (Season of Mists), moved on to Promethea and The Books of Magic and Watchmen and V for Vendetta and haven’t regretted it, okay?

Personal thoughts:

  • Ugh, Laurie’s weird airbrushed face on the Adam Hughes cover. Isn’t Dr. Manhattan supposed to be the one skirting the Uncanny Valley? (Also, she has a four-fingered, mutant hand. Wut)
  • The blood splotch on the Comedian seems to be there just to say, “Hey, this is Watchmen”. That said, that mask makes him a terrifying mofo.
  • Fractal Rorschach! That is, the Rorschach blot on the mask is in the shape of Rorschach, who has another Rorschach-shaped blot on its mask.
  • I’m most excited for the Minutemen comic. The Silhouette, Mothman, and Dollar Bill had little “screentime” in Watchmen; I wonder if we'll get to see their personalities, and if they’ll match up with what we were told.
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Rocky Horror Show – “Once in a While”
Rob Morton Fowler as Frank'n Furter, Stuart M. Price as Riff-Raff, Chris Ellis Stanton as Brad, Martin Semmelrogge as Narrator, Kerry Winter as Columbia

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