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This is a quick sketch of the first scene of the first episode aired, “The Train Job”, rewritten around Zoe Alleyne, captain of the Firefly-class transport ship Serenity.

Concept by crowleyshouseplant (check out the tags on their “firefly” posts for more details about this ‘verse, and also this post on the storytelling given to female characters).


Zoe trounces Mal at tiaoqi and expounds her philosophy vs Mal’s (balance, healthy dose of pragmatism). We focus on Zoe’s reaction first as the Unification supporter calls for a toast (what looks only like humour, exasperation, then nothing), then Mal’s (exasperation, anger), then Jayne’s (confusion, drunkenness, indifference).

Mal gets up with the excuse of getting a drink, but Zoe shuts him down. He sits back down quickly with a “ma’am”. Maybe a little smile on Zoe’s part… then she gets out of her seat. We follow Zoe as she goes to the bar and, maybe after a little reasonable banter with the Alliance sympathizer, in a no-nonsense (and definitely angry) way takes down the jerk and half his pals. It’s kinda magnificent.

Off-screen we hear a whoop as Mal throws himself into the fray, working with Zoe in tandem.


Mal gets thrown out of a window while Zoe, sensibly, uses the door to take the brawl outside. Jayne comes bulling out with the barstool and a couple of guys, etc. Point made by Mal or Zoe about the “lack of balance” causing them to lose the war. More exciting stuff. Mal requests a dramatic entrance from his darlin’.

Zoe maneuvers things so those still standing are… well, in a stand-off. Zoe and a goon are at the edge of the cliff, preventing the rest of the U-Day supporters from rushing them. “Someone needs to put you down, b-tch.” Zoe promptly elbows her man into the canyon… and as he falls, Serenity rises. Wash threatens to blow a new crater in the little moon, etc.


As they reunite with the crew, all three of them are buoyed up from the fight. Wash comes down the stairs, a little concerned and relieved; Mal is downright exhilarated as he enthusiastically greets his husband. Jayne is on the other side of the cargo bay, snickering about the yokels’ stupidity.

Zoe stands in the middle, taking all of them—including the ship—in. Her smile fades to a quiet satisfaction. They’ve kept flying.

My next venture in this subversive ‘verse will be the entirety of “Out of Gas”. Stay tuned.

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