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2012-03-26 12:01 am
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Captain Zoe Alleyne: "The Train Job"

This is a quick sketch of the first scene of the first episode aired, “The Train Job”, rewritten around Zoe Alleyne, captain of the Firefly-class transport ship Serenity.

Concept by crowleyshouseplant (check out the tags on their “firefly” posts for more details about this ‘verse, and also this post on the storytelling given to female characters).

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My next venture in this subversive ‘verse will be the entirety of “Out of Gas”. Stay tuned.

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2012-03-19 11:46 pm
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Tumblr is definitely happenin'.

I've posted various short thoughts on Chinese language (and Asian cultures) in Firefly on my Tumblr blog. Including my latest fan project - writing fic for Firefly in Mandarin.

I'm also posting my translations of various phrases useful for Firefly on the FireflyFans.Net forum.

I feel like on DW I have to put more effort into a post, unfortunately. So unless there's long-form stuff, it probably won't go on here for now.
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2012-03-18 12:09 am

Maybe I should just relocate to Tumblr.

Maybe I should just relocate to Tumblr.

Newest fandom obsession: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

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2012-02-15 12:16 am
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"Before Watchmen": Official DC Prequels

What do I think this will mean for fandom? Not much. New readers will discover Watchmen; I doubt it’ll be overshadowed. I don’t know if any of the Before Watchmen miniseries will be slavishly mimicking the structure of Watchmen, or if there will be a melange of storytelling styles. I’m pretty sure there’ll be in-jokes aplenty. And if any of them turn out to be bitter deconstructions of the Watchmen characters we thought we knew, it’ll 1) channel LoEG's cynical-old-man writer, people, or 2) earn the vitriol of a million fans everywhere.

Watchmen will still exist. The world of Watchmen has been processed through a funhouse mirror in the never-mourned early script and the Saturday morning cartoon and (apocryphally) even through The Family Circus.

As for new fans being “ruined” (or ruining fandom, how dare they) by irrelevant spin-offs: I discovered comics through Death: Through Death's Door, a manga-style retelling of Sandman vol. 4 (Season of Mists), moved on to Promethea and The Books of Magic and Watchmen and V for Vendetta and haven’t regretted it, okay?

Personal thoughts:

  • Ugh, Laurie’s weird airbrushed face on the Adam Hughes cover. Isn’t Dr. Manhattan supposed to be the one skirting the Uncanny Valley? (Also, she has a four-fingered, mutant hand. Wut)
  • The blood splotch on the Comedian seems to be there just to say, “Hey, this is Watchmen”. That said, that mask makes him a terrifying mofo.
  • Fractal Rorschach! That is, the Rorschach blot on the mask is in the shape of Rorschach, who has another Rorschach-shaped blot on its mask.
  • I’m most excited for the Minutemen comic. The Silhouette, Mothman, and Dollar Bill had little “screentime” in Watchmen; I wonder if we'll get to see their personalities, and if they’ll match up with what we were told.
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2012-02-14 09:50 am

For all the singles out there.

Rocky Horror Show – “Once in a While”
Rob Morton Fowler as Frank'n Furter, Stuart M. Price as Riff-Raff, Chris Ellis Stanton as Brad, Martin Semmelrogge as Narrator, Kerry Winter as Columbia

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2012-02-11 12:34 pm
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"An Animorphs Psychochronography": essay series

I <3 this so much.

An ongoing series of short essays on the “emotional, artistic and political landscape” (i.e., the 90s in America) the Animorphs series was written and set in. Each essay is centred around a single book and uses its plot and themes as a launchpad.

My girlfriend, who's a few years older, is probably more of a 90s child than me – you know, Star Trek, Teen Titans, Xena… My pop culture memories only go up to elementary school; I remember watching Mr. Dressup and Sesame Street; later, not being interested in either the Spice Girls or the Backstreet Boys; and around fourth grade, not being interested in The Matrix (until later when I was a teen, when I heard it was Philosophical).

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2012-02-10 03:56 pm
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"Glory" revival -EXCITE-

Glory - new character design by Ross Campbell for revival

This character design is my inspiration. This image is my desktop background (overlaid by a bunch of files that are my recent digital sketches) and I even set my colour scheme to match.
That's not a character that looks like she has super-powers, that's a character that looks like she's just straight up wrecking everything she can with pure brute strength.

I am excited about a series I have never read before! I tend to go deep into the catalogues of a small pool of authors/series/music artists I've already tried, which means that… yeah, I'm missing out on a lot. I'm glad I heard about Glory while link-hopping on one of the women-in-comics Tumblrs that I read.

I was gonna do a separate post on them – and maybe I still should – but I’ll list them off the top of my head:

And I was going to withstand the temptation to pick up Alan Moore’s Supreme (set in the same ’verse), but I already prefer it over LoEG: Century or The Courtyard/Neonomicon (with the magic rape and eldritch creature rape, respectively).

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2012-02-10 03:42 pm
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(no subject)

Perhaps I’m being over-enthusiastic, but still!

Next week:

  • sketches from my “Phosphorescent Vampires” nebulous story – I’ve been trying to do one per day, but that has flagged since midterms are coming next week. Also, I have to find a better image host than Twitter.
  • a post expressing my undying love for Mark Does Stuff
  • art recs for Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom trilogy (Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen + “Nicholas Sayre and the Creature in the Case”)

Also, Neil Gaiman has a Tumblr. Just puttin’ it out there.

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2012-02-09 09:53 pm
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"Let's be bad guys."

Gina Torres as Jasmine Nathan Fillion as Caleb Adam Baldwin as Marcus Hamilton Alan Tudyk as Alpha

Also, have 3 images of Jonathan Woodward:
Holden Knox Tracy

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2012-02-09 02:17 pm
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DarlingClandestine Perfume: Whitefall

Sir, we don't want to deal with Patience again.

a smidge of black tea, buttered oatmeal, hazelnut and maybe some almond milk, and the slightest hint of musk. Comfy sleepy times. […] topped with sweet toasted basmati rice and finished with a whiff of gunsmoke, horses, leather and a rustle of kicked-up grass. :) It's VERY intense, and no power in the ’Verse can stop it.

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2012-02-09 12:37 pm
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AtS fic recs: Cordelia, "You're Welcome"

Watching season 5 of Angel made me hunger for Cordy fic. Here are some of the gems:

And When the Sky Was Opened: The Passion of Cordelia Chase by [livejournal.com profile] eleusis_walks – An essay on Cordy's roles in all 5 seasons of Angel

Off the Board by Doyle – (crossover with Sandman) Cordelia dreams; or, “You were a pawn who briefly became a knight – or a queen. And you’ve just been taken off the board.” (I couldn’t say it better than the author’s summary; it’s so perfect, I can just see Cordy falling into a coma (end of S1), learning how to use a sword in S3, wearing white or black in S4.) The resonances about pregnancy, sleep, and supernatural agency (enough to power scholarly volumes for both works, I’m sure) are chilling.

A Better Where to Find by Doyle – Beautiful, hopeful coda to “You’re Welcome”.

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2012-02-09 11:03 am
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General fic recs: BtVS+AtS

Now that I've finished watching Angel (having finished BtVS a couple of years ago), I’m enjoying the crossovers between two different shows in the same ’verse.

More on shipping in future posts; these are genfic, fairly funny and likely to appeal to most people.

techsupport@demon.com by Perri Smith – The Scoobies and the staff of Angel Investigations work together to stop another apocalypse. Between seasons 4-5/A1-A2

Dial N for Nancy-boy by deird1 – Spike and Angel have kept in touch. S4 through S7/A1-A4

Once More, With Lorne by hello_spikey – The Host makes a visit to Sunnydale while another nattily dressed singing demon is in town.

Battlefield of the Gods by bob_tales – Two hellgods walk into a cafe…

Past Perfect by HonorH – Dawn learns more about herself and people come back to life. Meanwhile, Buffy gets caught up with recent events, like the fact that Dawn’s new boyfriend is Angel’s son. After “Not Fade Away”

Sidenote: Dreamwidth has this nifty multiple-tags filter I’m trying out, so instead of creating hierarchies of tags like (hypothetically) recs: btvs, the equivalent is recs,btvs.

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2012-02-08 11:18 pm
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(no subject)

I’m unwinding the stack that is my bookmarks folder right now. The ability to open new tabs with a click is not helping.

I predict a deluge of posts until I’m up to date with all my fanfic recommendations, fanfic recommendation recommendations, fannish news, and other things. I’ll be tagging everything to stay organized.

What I plan to put up this week:

  • News: DC Watchmen prequels
  • News: Extreme Studios Glory relaunch
  • Blogs I Read: various tumblogs on female characters in comics
  • Recs: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BtVS)/Angel (AtS) [1] [2]
  • Recs: Jeeves and Wooster stories