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Gina Torres as Jasmine Nathan Fillion as Caleb Adam Baldwin as Marcus Hamilton Alan Tudyk as Alpha

Also, have 3 images of Jonathan Woodward:
Holden Knox Tracy

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Now that I've finished watching Angel (having finished BtVS a couple of years ago), I’m enjoying the crossovers between two different shows in the same ’verse.

More on shipping in future posts; these are genfic, fairly funny and likely to appeal to most people.

techsupport@demon.com by Perri Smith – The Scoobies and the staff of Angel Investigations work together to stop another apocalypse. Between seasons 4-5/A1-A2

Dial N for Nancy-boy by deird1 – Spike and Angel have kept in touch. S4 through S7/A1-A4

Once More, With Lorne by hello_spikey – The Host makes a visit to Sunnydale while another nattily dressed singing demon is in town.

Battlefield of the Gods by bob_tales – Two hellgods walk into a cafe…

Past Perfect by HonorH – Dawn learns more about herself and people come back to life. Meanwhile, Buffy gets caught up with recent events, like the fact that Dawn’s new boyfriend is Angel’s son. After “Not Fade Away”

Sidenote: Dreamwidth has this nifty multiple-tags filter I’m trying out, so instead of creating hierarchies of tags like (hypothetically) recs: btvs, the equivalent is recs,btvs.

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